The Winter season is upon us, full of crispy mornings, jack frost gardens, hot cups of tea with pretty fairy light decorations to the tune of Frank Sinatra. It can also be a difficult season for our beloved elderly if care homes, hospital’s and families are not equipped with a ‘Fall Management Program’ – so what’s that exactly?

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Elderly woman holding hands with a carerFor many the risk of falling and potentially injuring themselves is a very real possibility. And the fear of doing so can cause equally as much stress, anxiety and panic.

However, whilst statistics demonstrate that many falls do not result in major harm, a large number of non-injured fallers ? approximately 47% – cannot get up without assistance. It is therefore essential to evaluate the risks, implement numerous prevention methods, and have Assistive Technology in place to ensure a carer is notified.

In our latest blog post we discuss and outline the varying associated risks and how you, a carer, or family member can prevent the risk of falls.

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Naidex conference logo 2016 Following the resounding success of last year?s event, the team at Alert-iT will once again be heading to Birmingham for the annual Naidex Exhibition. Taking place in just a week?s time, the three day event has been coined the most established exhibition of the independent living industry.

Running for the past 42 years, the event has been successful in presenting and supporting the independent living community for more than four decades. As the only place where trade visitors, healthcare professional, and consumers come together to discover the latest products and innovations, Naidex is certainly at the forefront of innovation. Find out more about the event and why you should attend below:

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Central Hall Westminster on grey cloudy dayEvery year the team at Alert-iT attend a host of events, seminars, and exhibitions. They?re a great opportunity for us to meet new people, further our knowledge about the industry, and gather information in regards to the latest in medical research and advancements.

This week, the annual epilepsy conference is taking place at the Central Hall in Westminster, London. However, we can?t make every event, which is why we thought we?d take this opportunity provide you with a little more information regarding the day. Find out more about the event and how Alert-iT could help you below:

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Staff from Alert-iT and Fable at Sheffield United footbal ground. Players drawing competition winnersIt has been a pretty fast paced start to the year here at Alert-iT and it?s hard to believe that it is already February.

But despite the days running by you may remember that throughout December we ran yet another Epilepsy Awareness Campaign which aimed to inform you, whether you have epilepsy or care for someone who does, of the increased risks the season can bring.

Our useful?Christmas How-To Guide provided you with an introduction to the potential risks associated with Christmas followed by achievable solutions and actionable tips. Digging out a host of blog posts from our 2014 campaign, the team compiled even more informative pieces of information such as our guide to seizure first aid.

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Stack of pancakes with berries and syrupWith Shrove Tuesday just around the corner pancakes should traditionally be on the menu. Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert they are a sweet or savoury treat enjoyed by many. Opt for thick and fluffy American style or French Crepes and finish with a topping of whatever your desire.

However, for those who are currently on the Ketogenic Diet, either child or adult, such foods may prove a slight issues in terms of suitable ingredients. But worry no more as we highlight exactly what is suitable and provide some recipe suggestions in our latest blog:

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Seizure First AidAs we have mentioned throughout our Christmas themed blogs this December, the risk of experiencing seizures is heightened during the festive period. Thanks to an abundance of food, late nights, alcohol, stress, and Christmas lights there are a number of potential triggers. It is therefore essential that we know what to do in the event of a seizure.

Whether you are a friend, family member of someone who has epilepsy or simply a stranger in the street we suggest that you take a look below for a handy guide on seizure first aid. In doing so, you could truly aid someone and ensure that the experience is as unfrightening as possible. Read on for more information:

Recognising A Seizure

You may think that a seizure simply constitutes convulsions and a dramatic fall, but this is not the case. In fact a seizure can vary from losing muscle control, unconsciousness, or a change in behaviour. Quite simply not all seizures involve spasms, convulsions, or loss of consciousness.

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Christmas Gift from Alert-iTDue to the success of last year?s campaign, the Alert-iT team have decided to run another Christmas campaign throughout December. In fact, we?re going to ensure that it is bigger, better, and even more informative than previous.

Running a series of blogs we aimed to inform you, whether you have epilepsy or care for someone who does, of the increased risks the season can bring. But how could we possibly make it better we hear you ask? Well, we?ll be providing even more useful tips, information, and guides to coping with epilepsy at Christmas. But even more, we will be giving away 4 of our brand new digital monitors; the Companion Mini. Find out more below:

The Prize

Did you know that the Companion Mini is the first fully digital monitor on the market? Encompassing high performance sensors, users no longer have to worry about the tangles of traditional wired solutions subsequently enabling free transportation of the alarm.

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Christmas tree background with gold blurred lightIt?s that time of year again. The nights are drawing darker, a crisp chill in the air, and Christmas just around the corner. The high street is lined with Christmas sales and adorned with decorations, our homes lit by flashing lights, and our tables filled with more food than we?re able to eat.

So whether Scrooge or fanatic, there are more than a few considerations throughout December which must be accounted for, particularly for individuals who have epilepsy.

After the success of our December 2014 campaign, the team at Alert-iT have decided to run another. Only this time it is going to be bigger, better, and even more informative than previous.

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Exercise and Epilepsy: ExplainedThe benefits of regular exercise are endless. Partaking in some form of physical activity can not only help with weight loss, but encourage healthy skin and hair, improves your mood, and combats stress and colds to name a few.

Therefore it stands to reason that regular exercise can also be beneficial for those who have epilepsy and the subsequent effects seizures can have on their bodies. However, unfortunately many individuals steer away from exercise due to misunderstood preconceptions about the safety of exercise and epilepsy. So, rather than avoid the great outdoors, read on for reasons to dust off your running shoes:

Current Research Suggests Positive Link

There has been a spike in recent research suggesting that exercise and keeping yourself physically fit reduces the risk of seizures. In fact, the University of Lisbon states that people with epilepsy are not largely in danger of an increased risk of seizures caused by physical exercise as once believed.

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