Christmas tree background with gold blurred lightIt?s that time of year again. The nights are drawing darker, a crisp chill in the air, and Christmas just around the corner. The high street is lined with Christmas sales and adorned with decorations, our homes lit by flashing lights, and our tables filled with more food than we?re able to eat.

So whether Scrooge or fanatic, there are more than a few considerations throughout December which must be accounted for, particularly for individuals who have epilepsy.

After the success of our December 2014 campaign, the team at Alert-iT have decided to run another. Only this time it is going to be bigger, better, and even more informative than previous.

Previous Campaign Success

Last year the team ran a series of blogs throughout the month of December to inform you, whether you have epilepsy or care for someone who does, of the increased risks the season can bring. Unfortunately for many individuals across the country their epilepsy is affected by the stress, excitement, lack of sleep, and increased consumption of alcohol we all associate with Christmas.

Beginning with an introduction to the potential risks associated with Christmas, we provided you with a useful Christmas How-To Guide. Whilst many risks are avoidable or easily managed, we continued to provide achievable solutions and actionable tips to ensure full participation, from recognising signs and symptoms to ?Lending a H.A.N.D? when an individual has a seizure.

Continuing To Provide Assistance

This year we have decided to revisit our Christmas campaign to ensure any of you who missed it, and those who need reminding, know exactly how to deal with Christmas

We?ll be digging out our old blog posts and sharing with you via our social media platforms as well as creating brand new informative pieces. So keep your eyes out for information from seizure first aid to additional information in time for New Year?s Eve.

Not only will we be repurposing old content, providing you with new and sharing via social media, but we?ll also be sending out a couple of newsletters to ensure you don?t miss out on any of our great content. So keep an eye on your inbox for an email from the Alert-iT team or subscribe now.

Christmas Competition Time

You may already be aware that only a couple of months ago we released a brand new product. The Companion Mini is the first digital monitor of its kind providing unrivalled support to individuals and their carers.

Part of the Ep-iT range of epilepsy support monitors, the Companion Mini possess high performance sensors which enable the detection of associated seizure movements to inform a carer via the pager. Thanks to its digital design, the monitor isn?t subject to an abundance of tangled wires meaning that you are able to transport the monitor with ease should the occasion arise.

Encompassing all the design features of our original alarms, the Companion Mini is significantly smaller in size and can be applied in some of the most challenging situations providing solid support and peace of mind. Priced at just ?220 RRP the monitor fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is therefore ideally suited to individuals who are adverse to any obvious monitoring technology.

However, this Christmas we are wrapping up and delivering these fantastic monitors to 4 lucky winners. Yes, that?s right; enter our competition and you could win a Companion Mini.. Simply fill in our competition entry form and send to the team using the details below. You?ll have to answer a couple of requirements; but let?s face it, that?s not too much trouble if the opportunity to win a monitor is at stake.

More Help and Information

Are you interested in our Christmas campaign or winning a brand new Companion Mini? Make sure you keep an eye out for the latest information on both our ?Twitter and Facebook pages. If you want information straight to your inbox, then why not sign up to our newsletter?

Alternatively give the team a call on 0845 217 9952 or 01530 231215 for more information and advice regarding any of our assistive technology products.

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