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Less Stress Caring.

Our Ranges Of Assistive Technology Products Are Designed To Give Less Stress During Care

Ep-it: Epilepsy Support, Alarms and Monitors

Epilepsy monitors to detect the symptoms of a seizure at home or in a care home.

The most serious and worrying condition for carers is the night-time Tonic/Clonic seizure, which if left unattended can lead to a serious health risk. Unless the carer can remain awake all night listening for signs (e.g. on a baby alarm) then 100% vigilance is impossible. Our epilepsy alarms and monitors will improve the carer’s vigilance in these circumstances. We can also assist with daytime monitoring in a number of ways.

Comf-it: Incontinence Management and Support

A unique moisture detecting system which can help with management of incontinence issues.

The Comf-it range of assistive technology include monitors that ensure carers are aware the moment their clients pads need changing or a bed wetting has occurred, without the need for time wasting and disturbing regular checks. The clients hygene, comfort and dignity are improved and the carers have more time to give quality care.

Secure-it: Dementia, Alzheimer’s and ADHD Support

A range of sensing monitors to assist carers to create a secure environment in a discreet way.

The Secure-it range of assistive technology covers a number of issues facing carers of those who can become confused or disoriented. The monitors can alert the carer of wandering, entry into a room, when their client is mobile, leaving and leaving a building.

Sense-it: Falls Management

A range of monitors to discreetly support those at risk of falls.

Assistive technology for those who are relatively independent but vulnerable, we can supply a range of personal alarm devices such as Fall Alarms, Panic Alarms, Pendant Alarms. Wandering Alarms and Hypothermia Alarms. These allow the user freedom with protection and can notify the carer of danger via our radio pager, a telephone dialler or by activating a legacy Nurse Call system. They are all compatible with traditional Care Line call centres.

Support Equipment for the Alert-it Ranges

The Alert-it failsafe pager system is the notification method of choice for care homes and domestic situations where the carer is local to the user. For those living alone the Alert-it range includes telephone linked options to pass the alarm to a local carer via a low-cost, autodialler or to a call-centre, including those operated by local authorities. We can also incorporate security and fire safety monitoring into such systems. Alert-it can also be linked to any existing Nurse Call system.

Who Are Alert-iT?

Alert-iT is one of the UK’s leading innovators and forward thinking manufacturer specialising in the design, production, distribution and support of care alarm systems across the country. We pride ourselves on being the UK’s foremost
provider of plesio-care technology.

Alert-iT has defined this as:

Technology supporting the carer and user.

Alert-iT provide continuous monitoring without constant or intrusive caring presence, promoting better confidence for carers and dignity to the users; dramatically improving the experience and quality of life for those being cared for.

Join Our Community

Join our Epilepsy Forum where we hope you’ll find a supportive community in which you can discuss any issues, ask questions, and share stories in regards to your experiences of epilepsy. The group has been designed for everyone, from those who have epilepsy to their family, friends, and carers. We also hope that this forum becomes a place where charities and epilepsy clinics alike can get involved.

We also have a number of dedicated and experienced contributors from the Alert-it Team; Living with Epilepsy and Adris Technologies Ltd, who are on hand to help with your questions, queries and any worries. Join up today to find out more.

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What our clients say.

Alert-it have worked with us to produce bespoke products that means our service users feel safe.

Independence HomesMedical Director

The alarm is simple easy to use and the alarm wakes you up with ease.

Mr & Mrs WoodNuneaton

I was very pleased at the way we were able to quickly repair an old complex monitoring system that had been damaged while used in respite.

Mrs Allen

We have met many dedicated people doing amazing and innovative work to make the lives of chronically ill, elderly and disabled people as good as they can be… For your role in this we offer you our sincere thanks.

Martin Care

Designed & Manufactured In The UK

Alert-it Care Alarms are social aids designed and manufactured in accordance with 93/42/EEC as Class 1 Medical Devices. They are intended to improve the vigilance of carers to distressing side-effects of various conditions, such as Epilepsy and Dementia. They do not monitor vital physiological processes and should not be expected to diagnose any disease or predict the onset of any symptoms. The units have been designed with the utmost concern for safety, integrity and rapid detection. While no system can be infallible, the use of  Alert-it will greatly reduce the risk of undetected distress and reduce the anxiety for both users and carers. Manufactured in UK by ITS Designs Ltd. The Alert-it logo is the trademark of ITS Designs Ltd.
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