The Winter season is upon us, full of crispy mornings, jack frost gardens, hot cups of tea with pretty fairy light decorations to the tune of Frank Sinatra. It can also be a difficult season for our beloved elderly if care homes, hospital’s and families are not equipped with a ‘Fall Management Program’ – so what’s that exactly?

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Elderly woman holding hands with a carerFor many the risk of falling and potentially injuring themselves is a very real possibility. And the fear of doing so can cause equally as much stress, anxiety and panic.

However, whilst statistics demonstrate that many falls do not result in major harm, a large number of non-injured fallers ? approximately 47% – cannot get up without assistance. It is therefore essential to evaluate the risks, implement numerous prevention methods, and have Assistive Technology in place to ensure a carer is notified.

In our latest blog post we discuss and outline the varying associated risks and how you, a carer, or family member can prevent the risk of falls.

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New Ip-It product from Alert-it

Alert-iT would like to bring to your attention our latest product; the Ip-it compact logging solution for assistive technology; a “black box, flight record” for care homes. The complete Carer Call System is a fantastic alternative to the traditional warden and nurse call systems

What is The Ip-iT?

This compact logging solution for alarm activities is specifically designed for the use on site in care homes. This latest development creates a data file with alarm codes that have been date stamped in order for staff to view at any time.

Additionally analytical programmes are available as well as a supportive web interface which provides statistics and heuristics for individuals.

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Following the recent release of a report on behalf of the NHS and Scottish Government about?Epilepsy Alarms we take a look at the report?highlights and respond to some of the findings.?The report includes a few concerns for those 45% that currently own an alarm and details of those that do not.

Report prepared by Reme Diaz Scottish Government, Health Analytical Services (Spring 2014)

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