Epilepsy Research Survey Results

As you can imagine there are a host of questions and queries regarding assistive technology such as tonic-clonic seizure alarms. When purchasing such an important piece of equipment it is essential that you get it right. However, there is currently very limited impartial information available to UK residents regarding both brands and the products themselves.

You might remember that a few months ago we encouraged you to take part in a survey carried out by Epilepsy Research UK. With the support of other charities they conducted independent research into individual?s experiences of using various tonic-clonic seizure alarms. Including reviews of the Alert-iT Companion Monitor the charity have now released the survey findings in an unbiased information document. Read on for more information:

Assistive Technology

Reaching out to individuals who have ever used a tonic-clonic seizure alarm or a family member, friend, or carer of someone who has Epilepsy, Epilepsy Research UK conducted an independent survey of experiences when using varying types of alarms.

Managing independence for longer Assistive Technology has been designed to detect movement, sounds, and changes in breathing or heart rate that is associated with tonic-clonic seizures. Reliable and robust, high performance sensors identify spasm induced movements resulting in transmissions being sent to a hand held pager or to a care alarm system.

As excellent solutions for detecting seizures, falls, and any other potential dangers it is likely that you won?t know what you are looking for due to an overwhelming variety of monitors and alarms available on the market. The Epilepsy Research UK survey has been designed to help with exactly these circumstances and discusses a number of monitors including The Companion from Alert-iT, the Epi-Care from Possum, the Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor from Emfit, and the Smart Watch from Smart Monitor.

The Survey

Epilepsy Research UK felt that there was very little impartial information available to people who wish to buy tonic-clonic seizures alarms and unless a specific alarm has been recommended it can be an overwhelming and difficult choice to make.

Beginning in June 2015 Epilepsy Research UK addressed this issue by developing a questionnaire to capture varying information about personal experiences when using assistive technology. The charity wanted to collect enough data to provide an unbiased information document to help people in the future.

Recipients were asked to identify the monitor that they use and then mark out of 10 a set of criteria which included:

  • Ease of Installation
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability
  • Company Support Services
  • Peace of Mind

The team at Epilepsy Research UK would like to thank all of those who took part in the survey. However it is important to note that the survey did not garner as many responses as the charity had hoped meaning that in summarising it was difficult to draw firm conclusions as insufficient data didn?t allow for a meaningful average.

However, the additional comment responses allowed for more positive (and negative) experiences that respondents willingly shared.

Alert-iT Reviewed

Having sold more than 10,000 units of our user-friendly Companion Monitor the overall results highlighted this fantastic product. In fact, respondents felt that the alarm was significantly reliable providing peace of mind for its users. There was also positive response in terms of the support service provided by the team at Alert-iT, something which are extremely proud of

However, and it is certainly worth mentioning rather than feeding you only the positives, that some felt our product design was a little old-fashioned in appearance as well as difficult to initially set up. Fortunately this is something we are already aware of and are currently taking measures to improve upon.

Over the past year we have also continued to conduct our own surveys regarding both assistive technology in general as well as more specific questions concerning particular monitors. These survey results have also been particularly positive, so we thought we?d share a few statistics with you.

  • 100% of those surveyed would recommend assistive technology to others.
  • In response to the following statement, ?I found the staff at Alert-it to be efficient and courteous? all surveyed strongly agreed.
  • Ranking from 0 (strongly disagree) to 100 (strongly agree) 72% of respondents felt that the equipment was easy to install and to use. However, the remaining individuals floated between the direct middle and strongly agree areas pointing to the necessity to provide more detailed and easy to understand set up instructions.
  • 100% agreed that ?the equipment works effectively and meets my expectations?.
  • When asked to rate their experience when purchasing from the Alert-iT range of products all respondents awarded us 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Out of a maximum score of 10 regarding the reliability and peace of mind of the Alert-iT products participants gave an average score of 9.3

More Help and Information

Why not take a read of the survey results for yourself? Not only will you garner information about Alert-iT products but you can also take a look responses to the Smart Watch from Smart Monitor.

Alternatively give our team a call on 01530 231 215 or 0845 217 9952 where our experienced and friendly team can help you with what can be an overwhelming decision. We promise to provide personal advice on the most suitable product for your specific needs as well as the most cost effective option. For more information take a look at our useful?brochure detailing all monitors in our Ep-iT product range.