Central Hall Westminster on grey cloudy dayEvery year the team at Alert-iT attend a host of events, seminars, and exhibitions. They?re a great opportunity for us to meet new people, further our knowledge about the industry, and gather information in regards to the latest in medical research and advancements.

This week, the annual epilepsy conference is taking place at the Central Hall in Westminster, London. However, we can?t make every event, which is why we thought we?d take this opportunity provide you with a little more information regarding the day. Find out more about the event and how Alert-iT could help you below:

Annual Epilepsy Conference

The yearly event is taking place at the beautiful Central Hall in Westminster, London this Saturday 12th March. The impressive building offers plenty of space and excellent accessibility as organisers expect plenty of crowds.

Whilst our team can?t make the forthcoming event, we would like to take a moment to wish our friends at The Epilepsy Society a very successful day.

With speakers including the Head of Genetics, Professor Sanjay Sisodiya as well as other renowned epilepsy experts you can expect the latest information regarding their works in pushing medical and research boundaries. You?ll also be presented with information and advice regarding;

  • the latest in scientific breakthroughs
  • managing risks surrounding epilepsy
  • tackling psychosocial impacts of epilepsy
  • managing anti-epileptic drug treatment

More About Alert-IT

The Alert-iT team are dedicated to providing life changing support monitors to individuals and their carers. We also believe in educating new, existing, and potential customers in the world of Epilepsy and exactly what is happening in the industry. And we?ve been doing this successfully for almost 25 years.

In fact, it all began back in 1992 when our founder David, whilst volunteering for REMAP at the time, was tasked with an unfamiliar challenge. A local Hinckley mum wanted a device to alert her when her daughter, Jessica, was having a seizure during the night. Having designed control systems for the tilting Advanced Passenger train, David knew a thing or two about electronics and thus was born our first monitor.

Jessica used this prototype until 2010 when she was given an up to date, manufacturer version by David himself. Jessica?s mum claims that the original device saved her daughter?s life on more than one occasion.

To this day ?practical electronics? derived sensors remain unbeatable in their ability to pick up seizure movements. And we are constantly striving to bring you new and further improved products that are not only reliable and robust but continue to provide peace of mind for both those with epilepsy and their carers.

Our Latest Development: The Companion Mini

Recognising the needs of our customers and exactly what they wanted, we recently launched our latest development in assistive technology: the Companion Mini.

The digital support monitor, the first of its kind, is part of our Ep-iT range of epilepsy support monitors. Incorporating high performance sensors for unrivalled support it is additionally free from the tangles of traditional wires making it ideal for transportation.

Fitting nicely in the palm of your hand, the Companion Mini encompasses all the design features, plus many more, of our original products despite the smaller design and can be applied in the most challenging of situations.

Easy to install, the monitor is placed under the mattress where it constantly monitors movements until activity associated with seizures are recognised. Verified and ongoing movements will then result in the transmission of alerts to a hand held pager.

Take a look at our range of Ep-iT monitors, including the Companion Mini, in our?Epilepsy Brochure

Up Coming Events

Whilst we aren?t attending this one, the team attend many events, conferences, and exhibitions throughout the year. Keep an eye out on our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, and newsletter for upcoming events, dates, and how you can get involved.

This month, of course, is host to the international Purple Day and as we do every year we?ll be doing our bit to raise money for this fantastic cause.

For more information regarding our of our assistive technology products, please don?t hesitate to give the team a call on 0845 217 9952 or 01530 231215