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Epilepsy – Making A Real Difference

“Our daughter Sinead had been experiencing fairly regular epileptic seizures as a result of an acquired brain injury she suffered at 6 weeks old (in addition to other disabilities that resulted from her injury). Despite taking medication, she continued to have seizures without warning through both day and night, which increasingly occurred at night time as she grew older. In my attempts to be there when my daughter needed me, I tried a baby monitor with a camera, but as her seizures weren?t accompanied by noises, the monitor did not wake us up as we?d hoped. We searched unsuccessfully for a long time for a ?gadget? that could help us to keep Sinead safe so it was a massive relief to finally discover that the Companion was out there and could potentially help us!”


Falls Management: Risk & Prevention

For many the risk of falling and potentially injuring themselves is a very real possibility. And the fear of doing so can cause equally as much stress, anxiety and panic. However, whilst statistics demonstrate that many falls do not result in major harm, a large number of non-injured fallers ? approximately 47% – cannot get […]

Is Epilepsy Inherited?

Unfortunately Epilepsy, like many other medical conditions, is not widely understood; affecting more than 65 million people worldwide. It is therefore crucial to not only raise awareness of the condition itself, but to dispel any associated myths. Here at Alert-iT we often hear or are presented with a number of questions that, to us at […]

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Join Alert-iT at Naidex 2016

Following the resounding success of last year?s event, the team at Alert-iT will once again be heading to Birmingham for the annual Naidex Exhibition. Taking place in just a week?s time, the three day event has been coined the most established exhibition of the independent living industry. Running for the past 42 years, the event […]

Could Acupuncture Aid Your Seizures?

Herbal and traditional medicines have become increasingly popular as they are used by individuals across the world to treat a variety of ailments. From dietary pills to herbal supplements it is clear that unconventional methods to improve health and overall wellbeing are ?being sought. And it is often the case that such herbal remedies prove […]

Celebrate Purple Day 2016 With Alert-IT

Every March thousands of people across the globe come together for the internationally recognised Epilepsy awareness month. Yes, on 26th March the world will turn purple again as people raise awareness, understanding, and money for the condition. And just as we did last year, the team at Alert-iT are getting involved. And we want you […]