What is Purple Day

Alert-iT Distributor Network? Purple Day organisers ask the world to turn purple on March 26th to show support and raise funds for anyone living with epilepsy.  Charities need our support now more than ever, so we’re asking you to join us as we try and increase awareness about the condition and raise some money for…

History of Alert-IT

In The Beginning The twisting path that lead to the development of a sophisticated range of support monitors supplied by Alert-iT began in 1992. At the time, company founder David Godfrey volunteered for REMAP, a fantastic charity network that creates custom-made equipment to help disabled people achieve more independence.  A local mum in Hinckley (Leicestershire)…

Blow the Taboo out of SUDEP

For people who live with epilepsy and those who care for them, the word SUDEP is the one word that can strike fear into them.

Therefore the most natural reaction when this subject is approached is for them to switch off and shut down taking ignorance as bliss, if this is not acknowledged it will never happen to us!

And as tricky as this subject is we know that SUDEP CAN and DOES happen. So arming yourself with facts, knowledge and tools is key