Following the recent release of a report on behalf of the NHS and Scottish Government about?Epilepsy Alarms we take a look at the report?highlights and respond to some of the findings.?The report includes a few concerns for those 45% that currently own an alarm and details of those that do not.

Report prepared by Reme Diaz Scottish Government, Health Analytical Services (Spring 2014)


The report includes a few concerns for those 45% that currently own an alarm and details of those that do not – Alert-it?s thoughts on these important points and other details provided:


Report Extract

55% of respondents have never had an alarm; 50% of those didn?t know about alarms;

Alert-it Response

Alert-it are contacting charities hoping to work together to provide knowledge on the different types of alarms available. We are also using social media and creating a ?blog? hoping to raise awareness on how technology can support people suffering with epilepsy

69% of people say that the alarm they have had not been set off as a result of a false alarm in the last month, 22% of people say that the alarm has been set off as a result of a false alarm 1 to 10 times and 9% of people recorded 10+ times.

Alert-it provides different types of technology to best-fit individual needs. Once the right alarm is selected we know that a fundamental benefit of our alarms are how they can then be fine tuned to ensure not only alarms are sent when they need to be, but also almost as important is to reduce the false alarms to keep the confidence in the equipment for the Carer.

61% of people reported no technical difficulties with their alarms they current have.

Alert-it is proud of the performance of our products, we are even more proud of the service we offer if something goes wrong. Our free three-year warranty is testament to this.

60% of people receive support and care from the alarm provider; 62% pay for this support.

When a monitor is bought from Alert-it, included in the price is our ongoing support over the phone or by e-mail for the life of the product. When customers register their product, they receive an upgrade from the standard 1 year warranty to a free 3 year warranty.

63% of people used another device or method to warn them of a seizure before owning the alarm. These being mainly a baby monitor or parent sleeping with child.

Alert-it offers a money back guarantee on our assistive technology, giving peace of mind to try alternatives to current methods.

89% of people without an alarm would like to have one.

Alert-it maintains stock levels that have delivered 89% of sales within one week from the order date over the past 12 months. Our products are also competitively priced.

70% of people say that the alarm provides easier sleeping arrangements

Feedback from parents of children with epilepsy confirms that using our alarms gives them the confidence to give their child a separate bed in their room, knowing they will be alerted if a seizure occurs.

64% people think that the main benefit of the alarm is early detection of a seizure

Alert-it Ep-it monitors are all capable of being manually tuned by the carer to ensure early detection of a seizure, tailored to the individual?s own circumstances.

92% of people will recommend an alarm to other people with epilepsy.

The quality of the Alert-it range has resulted in it being incorporated into much more expansive telecare systems by market leaders in the field ? we are confident that users of our technology would recommend it to other individuals too.

76% of people with alarm say the impact the alarm has on their quality of life is very positive or positive.

81% of people with alarm say the impact the alarm has on the quality of life of carer/family is very positive or positive.

86% think that the alarm provides benefits to the person with epilepsy and carer/family?s quality of life over and above their current epilepsy treatment.

Alert-it are very proud of the feedback and testimonials we receive from those who now use our assistive technology. The positive comments we have received range from large Care Home groups to more touching personal messages from family members. Knowing that our services are making such a difference to individuals and their carers is the driving force behind our company.

60% of people with alarm feel safer with the alarm than without the alarm, with 34% reporting they don?t know.

78% of carers/family feels safer with alarm than without the alarm.

65% cite less worry about having a seizure as one of the main benefits

Alert-it are proud of the support that we offer to carers and family members, including free after -sales support to give peace of mind when using our technology.

Alert-it understands that peace of mind is very important and our dedicated after sales support team are available to answer any questions or address any issues that families or carers may have.

75% of epilepsy sufferers reported to have Generalised tonic clonic (Grand Mal) seizures.

Alert-it provide different types of bedside monitors to detect the different presentations of epileptic seizure. All of our ?Ep-it? products are capable of detecting Tonic Clonic seizures. Our Companion monitor can be used with any mattress type and can be adjusted for both sensitivity and time to ensure the individual?s unique circumstances are taken into account.

The outstanding reliability of the Alert-it Epilepsy alarms is the reason why we are now the foremost provider of plesiocare for epilepsy.

74% of people use the alarm everyday or most days

Alert-it?s Ep-it range is an everyday monitor, with battery backup, and its radio products have Safe-Link radio technology to alert you if there is a power failure or out of range concern.

The report also highlights how those involved in the questionnaire that already do have an alarm, how they found out about epilepsy alarms and who provided them.

How users of alarms heard about Epilepsy Alarms.Percentage
Hospital Visit20%
Self Research23%
Social Services12%
GP, Nurses, Other Families11%


Where they got there alarms from Percentage
Charities 55%
Social Services 20%
Rented from Council, hospital, GP or SELF BOUGHT 25%


How it was paid for Percentage
Did not pay for alarm themselves86%
Did pay for alarm themselves24%


Alert-it provides monitors to families, Care homes, Local Authorities, Resellers and Charities. The company began manufacturing epilepsy movement detectors over 20 years ago and through many years of development and experience we have been able to produce one of the most robust and reliable bed monitors for detecting seizures that are currently available.

This not only includes detection of tonic/clonic seizures but also detection of the sounds associated with Epilepsy, Enuresis support for involuntary bladder release and shallow breathing detection.

All of our monitors are capable of being used with a pager receiver to alert a local carer , or via a nurse call system in a care home or hospital environment.?