New Ip-It product from Alert-it

Alert-iT would like to bring to your attention our latest product; the Ip-it compact logging solution for assistive technology; a “black box, flight record” for care homes. The complete Carer Call System is a fantastic alternative to the traditional warden and nurse call systems

What is The Ip-iT?

This compact logging solution for alarm activities is specifically designed for the use on site in care homes. This latest development creates a data file with alarm codes that have been date stamped in order for staff to view at any time.

Additionally analytical programmes are available as well as a supportive web interface which provides statistics and heuristics for individuals.

How Does It Work?

The Ip-it logging system from Alert-itWhen an alarm is raised, whether due to bed vacation, incontinence, or movements associated with seizures, data is collected through the built in receivers and filtered through the software to identify the start and end of an alarm. The recorded data is then logged into a file with time and date stamps for your archives to be viewed at any time.

Unlike traditional warden and nurse call systems the Ip-iT does not rely solely on direct wired connections to the internet but can be connected via both WiFi and 3G. Additionally carers do not need to rely on an internet connection to view their data. Customers can use USB memory to access their data where a small viewing program is supplied allowing data to be easily interpreted and subsequently exported to Excel for analysis.

Invaluable Expertise

Providing expertise and highly regarded products Alert-iT?s range of technology, including the Ip-it, has been designed to support carers of individuals with:

Epilepsy ? We provide unique epilepsy support with a number of monitoring systems designed to detect bed movement or sounds that are associated with seizures.

Risk of Falling or Injury ? To support those vulnerable to a fall Alert-iT manufactures a discrete range of easy to install monitoring systems.

Incontinence ? The Comf-iT Incontinence Support systems offer an ideal solution for carers in the incidence of urination or vomiting with sensors embedded into cotton sheets.

Dementia – With a range of monitors that can aid in creating a secure and safe environment we can ensure carers are released from constant supervision.

Learning Difficulties & Autism ? Monitors, alarms and other technical support can often be key to help people with learning disabilities live independently in their own home.

More Information and Advice

If you work on site in a care home or other facility you could benefit hugely from our support systems for our range of assistive technologies. Designed to provide an insightful activity logging system the Ip-It is an excellent investment.

For more information, demo?s and product training please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team on 01530 231484 or 0845 217 9952. Alternatively why not take a look at the Ip-it product guide?