Alert-it Dedicated Facebook Forum

Many of you may remember that -and hopefully will have been helped- in December 2014 Alert-it produced an Epilepsy Awareness campaign aimed to bring this condition to the forefront of everyone?s mind. The campaign wasn?t exclusive and was aimed at individuals who have epilepsy themselves, those who are friends or family members, carers, or just a stranger in the street.

With successful results throughout the campaign and many positive reviews of the blog series which we produced to run alongside, we thought we could do even more to help.

Therefore we have created a forum which we hope will become a place for individuals, family members and carers alike to find support, ask questions and share their stories in regards to assistive technology, and other epilepsy related issues.

The Epilepsy Forum

The Epilepsy Forum is a closed Facebook Group aimed at providing an online space for individuals to interact and create a supportive community for those currently using or wishing to use assistive technology in support of Epilepsy. As we want everyone to feel comfortable, membership of the Group isn?t automatic and anyone wanting to join has to send a request for inclusion within the Group which will be reviewed prior to approval.

In addition to individual members we have arranged for a number of experienced specialist contributors to be involved within the forum and they will be on hand to provide additional help and information as required. We also hope that in time the forum will become a place where charities and epilepsy clinics alike can get involved in the discussion around the use of assistive technology.

Posts and discussions will be visible to the public on Facebook but only members can contribute to them. Anyone wanting to engage privately with another member can do so using the Facebook messaging system.

We want everyone to feel comfortable with the way the forum should be used and so have come up with a few house rules that anyone signing up has to abide by.

What Will You Gain?

We hope the platform will act as a support group to its members providing a space where you can freely discuss any issues or questions relating to assistive technology and wider topics of epilepsy. We believe that you can gain great insights and advice from not only our knowledgeable contributors but with the support of other people who may be experiencing similar situations or are already using assistive technology. Whether these queries, concerns or stories specifically relate to assistive technology or epilepsy in general we are confident you will be able to get the help you need.

As well as discussing any difficulties you may be experiencing we?d also love to hear your stories, so let us know about your experiences with assistive technology, whether you are on a ketogenic diet, considering surgery or even your seizure free milestone. In addition to input from our members we?ll be providing a wealth of material to help, inform, and advise you. So keep your eye out for more fantastic blog posts, epilepsy updates, events and exclusive content.


More Help And Information

If this sounds like something you?d be interested in just request to join here. In the meantime you can also follow the Alert-it Facebook page.

If you?d like to speak to someone about assistive technology, or epilepsy in general, give our team a call on 0845 217 9952 or 01530 231215.