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At Alert-it we strive to deliver support to individuals, carers and patients alike to reduce the stress of caring; not only by providing a range of assistive technology products but through additional information and assistance to those who have Epilepsy and other conditions.

The Epilepsy Forum is our latest project to provide additional support and assistance regarding assistive technology in the support of epilepsy.

The aim is to create an online space where individuals and carers alike can seek help, ask questions, share their experiences, and provide support when discussing assistive technology and related epilepsy issues.

What Can You Gain by joining?

With your participation the platform can act as a support group to all its members who are able to share information related to the benefits of assistive technology and epilepsy in general.

In addition to its members, many of whom will have similar experiences, we have a number of experienced contributors who will be on hand to provide specialist knowledge and help as required.

Help from Our Experienced Contributors

Tony Bullars

Tony is Alert-it’s Sales and Support director. With more than 18 years of experience working with assistive technology and keeping up to date with the latest available products, Tony will be on hand as our technical adviser. If you need advice regarding specific monitors and alarms for your own requirements or require assistance with technical issues Tony will be able to provide reliable and knowledge support.

Emily Sian Donoghue

As a resident writer for Living with Epilepsy, Emily writes with a perspective snapshot of what life can be like for a young woman living with epilepsy. Having been diagnosed with the condition herself, Emily is keen to help those in similar situations and will therefore be regularly contributing to The Epilepsy Forum.

I am an epilepsy patient living in the UK and I have had epilepsy and seizure disorders since 2006. I don’t let it define me and I work on reducing stigma and raise funds to support finding a cure for epilepsy. I can provide advice for people living with epilepsy and associated conditions?.

Kate Farmer

Kate is the sales and marketing director of Adris Technologies Ltd; a small family run company that developed Pulseguard to safeguard Kate’s brother Tom who has Dravet syndrome.

Kate has 10 years experience of front line A&E in the ambulance service and is now using her medical knowledge and skills in patient care, as well as her personal family experience, to provide patients and families the best support and guidance on better monitoring and safeguarding measures when living with epilepsy.

How Does it Work

The Forum has essentially been set up as a closed Facebook Group. Membership isn’t automatic, anyone wanting to join has to send a request for inclusion within the Group.

Posts and discussions can be seen by the public on Facebook but only members can contribute to them. Anyone wanting to engage privately with another member can do so using the Facebook messaging system.

We want everyone to feel comfortable with the way the forum should be used and have therefore come up with a few house rules that anyone signing up has to abide by.

Join Us

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Alternatively give us a call on 0845 217 9952 to find out more.

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