Alert-iT’s assistive medical technology products will soon be found in private dwellings and care homes across Norway.

“I’m delighted to say the Norwegian Health Department (NAV) has selected our Plesiocare range of products as the preferred monitors for epilepsy, falls protection and enuresis (bed-wetting) detection” says David Godfrey, managing director of Desford based Alert-iT.

This endorses our position in the UK where our Alert-iT epilepsy monitors are the universal first choice for all the telecare providers and our falls reduction strategy has been adopted in a number of NHS facilities.” Alert-iT teamed up with Norwegian distributor Picomed AS to win the contract.

Roger Pedersen for Picomed says, “We develop and manufacture environment control systems for elderly and disabled people, mainly across Norway and Sweden as well as representing other manufacturers of arm supports, robot arms, wheel chairs and alarm systems. Our collaboration with Alert-iT began in 2012 when we tendered to NAV for a care alarm contract. Since then Picomed has delivered and installed Alert-iT products in private homes all over Norway. Both end users, NAV and Picomed have been very satisfied with Alert-iT solutions. Product quality and support have proven to be very good.

During autumn 2016 Alert-iT and Picomed participated in a new tender for alarm systems in Norway taking first place in the process to be the main supplier of epilepsy care alarms. Both companies are looking forward to expanding their business together.

“Our expertise and products can be invaluable in the care of individuals with: epilepsy, learning difficulties and autism, dementia, incontinence, and increased risk of falling.”

Mr Godfrey adds, “We believe we won this latest tender round because our products have been proved superior in function, reliability & cost. The new contract is signed and commences on May 16, 2017. It is valid for 2 years with the possibility of extending it for two more years. Usually this type of contract lasts for 4 years in total.” “It’s going to be a busy time,” explains Mr Godfrey. “I’m meeting with Picomed in Norway next month and will be providing training to both technicians and installers. There is a real opportunity for our products.” He explains, “Our plesiocare technology is all about monitors and alarms that can reduce the stress of caring for individuals with a wide range of needs and improve the experience of the person being cared for. It’s ‘near-care’ as opposed to ‘telecare’. That is, technology which gives feedback straight to the carer, rather than being mediated through a call centre.