Over the past few weeks we have been running a Christmas awareness campaign to highlight the increased risk of a seizure at this time of year for those who have epilepsy.Santa Claus with Gift Box

The purpose of the campaign, which has included a series of blog posts and a well received?How-To Guide has been to highlight the additional risks at this time of year but more importantly give people a greater insight into what they can do to help if a loved one or someone they meet suffers a seizure.

Our lend a H.A.N.D message has gone down a storm and we will be continuing to promote this throughout next year.

But the festive cheer doesn?t stop there??.

Our Christmas Gift to You

This year, the team at Alert-it have decided that rather than send out traditional Christmas cards we?d like to offer a festive alternative ? 3 free epilepsy support packages.

Therefore throughout the remainder of December and during January, closing date for entries is midnight on Thursday 15th January 2015, we are giving you the opportunity to?nominate someone you believe would benefit from one of our epilepsy support packages.

The package will include the following:

  • Our tonic/clonic nocturnal seizure support monitor
  • A safe-link pager
  • 3 year warranty
  • Full access to our support desk (once registered)

We are sure you?ll agree that this fantastic substitute will bring much more festive cheer this Christmas than some of its more conventional alternatives.

The Gift of Peace of Mind

Assistive technology is the perfect solution for monitoring both risks and activities for those who have epilepsy. The tonic/clonic nocturnal seizure support monitor, one of our highly recommended assistive technology solutions, allows you to manage independence without being too far detached from help if needed.

All of our Ep-it monitoring systems are easy to install, as well as simple and secure to operate.

The highly sensitive tonic/clonic monitor hidden under your mattress is used to analyse the frequency of your movement whilst you sleep ? or indeed the lack of movement also. Alarms are then transmitted through a failsafe radio link the advanced pager, informing your carer of an epileptic seizure.

So why not?nominate someone you know to take part in our festive offer; after all what better gift to give this Christmas than the gift of peace of mind?

Just fill out the?nomination form and send it to us either by email or post before 15/01/2015. All received entries will be included in a draw with the winners being selected on 20/01/15 and announced later that week.

Further Help and Support

For further help and advice on assisted technology products, epilepsy advice or indeed specific information about our Christmas Epilepsy campaign contact the team on 0845 217 9952