Over the past week and in our previous posts we have highlighted the potential risks that the holiday season can bring for those who have epilepsy, as well as how to recognise the symptoms and signs that someone is having an epileptic seizure.

Whilst Christmas is a joyous time of year filled with family, friends, food, and lots of celebration, it is important that we recognise that not everyone can approach December with such care free ease.Lend a H.A.N.D

It is for this reason that we collaborated with some of our epilepsy partners and, using data from Epilepsy Research UK, have produced a Christmas How-To Guide? aimed at those who have epilepsy, those who know people with epilepsy and for anyone else keen to understand the condition and in turn what they can do to help someone one day.

Don?t forget what you?ve learnt

We realise that there is a lot of information in the Guide to remember, particularly around what you can do to help if someone has a seizure. So we?ve pulled it all together in a brief acronym that we hope will help.

So just remember, lend a H.A.N.D

Help ? Stop and Help

Analyse ? Analyse the situation (what type of seizure? Are they in danger? Are they hurt?)

Need ? What do you need to do/what do they need? (Move away from danger, put them in the

recovery position, call an ambulance if a fit lasts longer than 5 minutes)

Discuss ? Most people will come around with no recollection, so discuss what has happened and make sure they don?t need any more help.

Just remember that if you panic you won?t be able to help anyone so stay calm. All you need to remember is to ?lend a H.A.N.D? whether you?re assisting someone you know or a stranger on the street and you can really make a difference in a person?s day.

A big thank you from Alert-IT

We hope you have found our Christmas How-To Guide?helpful and informative.? A great thank you to everyone who has helped to produce it and we wish you all a Happy and enjoyable Christmas.