Last month Alert-it sent out a survey specifically to those who use assistive technology on a regular basis as we wanted to get some direct feedback on the impact it has on their everyday lives.Fantastic Feedback in our latest Survey

We are continually looking for ways to improve not only our products and services but provide further assistance to those who could benefit from assistive technology so we turned to you for a little bit of help.

The response to this request for help was fantastic not only in terms of the numbers that took to the time to complete the short survey but the invaluable insights and constructive feedback they gave us about Assistive Technology in general, not just our products and services.

The overwhelming feedback from the results was that 100% of those who responded would recommend assistive technology for those who have epilepsy, dementia, the elderly and those who are at risk of falls as well as their friends, family and carers.

How Can Assistive Technology Help You?

Assistive technology is the ideal solution to ensure peace of mind and aid in managing independence for many. The technology, which includes monitors and alarms, observe the risks and activities of those with epilepsy and other conditions which may need monitoring.

Both reliable and robust the latest technology ensures that carers can be notified of dangers in a safe and timely manner. With the ability to help changes lives is it any wonder that our respondents replied with such praise to these invaluable systems.

When asked why they considered using assistive technology, whether at home or within care facilities, it was clear that all desired the ability to manage independence and reduce potential risks. With a number of respondents detailing that they bought assistive technology as a result of recommendation it was clear that all had benefited hugely from various products.

From those who wished to monitor and be alerted to night time seizure activity to those caring for the elderly at risk of fall the most important, and frequently recognised, benefits of assistive technology included:

  • managing risk
  • increasing independence
  • carer reassurance
  • value for money

Many found, whether in domestic or professional environments that the monitors ensure security with the ability to call for help when needed but additionally, and just as importantly, ?only alerted to likely seizures not just every sound or movement made?.

The monitors are ideal for ?for supporting staff to make life better for the service user? as well as ensuring ?peace of mind and reassurance whilst providing space and privacy? For those in care facilities staff are able to ?respond to uses when they occur rather than making intrusive checks? allowing the people they support to ?have more independence and to better take control of the decisions made about their lives?.

Would You Recommend Assistive Technology?

Well, if you?re anything like the respondents of our recent survey, then yes you would.

At Alert-it we understand the power of these monitors and their ability to aid in improving day to day lives for many. However, hearing it from people who use our products themselves really goes to show how invaluable these products can be.

In fact, every single person who took the time to complete our survey said they would recommend these products to other people, if they hadn?t done so already! Check out some of these responses when asked ?Would you recommend Assistive Technology to people in a similar situation to your own??

  • ?Definitely, I can actually sleep now!?
  • ?YES!!! Always beneficial especially to provide peace of mind?
  • ?Absolutely, and do frequently to other companies I have worked for in the past?

Help Us So We Can Better Assist You

We feel that there is a considerable lack of information available about assistive technology and aim to change this.

Not only will the information collected in last month?s survey help us provide greater products but we are also working with Young Epilepsy to provide information about assistive technology in their latest epilepsy guide from the people that matter most, those that use it day in and day out.

We are also going to be regularly sending out the survey to all of our new customers in a bid to encourage further feedback and build up an ongoing picture of what users of assistive technology think. At Alert-it we firmly believe that those who use the technology are best placed to inform our team of its effectiveness, or shortcomings, as well as the team?s ability to help and ensure a suitable solution to individual needs.

It?s not too late for you to take part either! If you use assistive technology and would like to give us your feedback then we really hope you can take five minutes to help us to assist others with our quick survey.

More Help and Information

If you want more information about assistive technology for yourself, or any other information regarding epilepsy, you can find a wealth of information on our website, the blog and our newly produced Brochure. Alternatively, give us a call on 0845 217 9951 or 01530 231215