Falls Management

A range of monitors to discretely support those at risk from a fall when actively mobile.


    Our motion sensor is non-contact and un-avoidable compared to a floor mat

  • For the less vulnerable the alarm can be set for prolonged absence from bed

    Detecting a possible fall around the home, for example in the bathroom

  • Available with an advanced failsafe long range radio pager for fast response

    Alternatively can connect with an existing nursecall system or Telecare platforms

  • Releases carers from constant supervision

About The Range:

Sense-it fall prevention monitoring systems can offer a number of sensors to detect when someone could be vulnerable to a fall. These include leaving a chair or bed unsupported and movement around the home. For those less susceptible to falling we can offer a prolonged vacation setting which can alert carers of a failure to return to bed.

All are easy to install and simple and secure to operate. Alarms are transmitted through a failsafe radio link to an advanced pager or to a telephone dialler for those living alone. The radio has a 450m range.

Wired versions for connection to Nurse Call or Carelines are also available.


Motion Detector for Bed Vacation

A discreet detection unit with an infra red motion detector remote from the bed. The alarm is raised as soon as the user’s foot descends to the floor and before they are weight bearing. The same sensor can be positioned to detect them sitting up, leaving a room, or entering a hazardous area. It can also detect door usage, where a door may be left open. It replaces door and floor mats which can be a trip hazard.

The battery operated motion sensor has a perfect detection beam for sensing the legs of someone leaving their bed without triggering if they simply sit up in bed. By being positioned across the room there is no bedside mat to be avoided or tripped over and nothing to destroy. The alarm is also raised before any weight is placed on the feet. Positioned a bit higher it can detect someone sitting up in readiness to leave their bed.

Another popular use is mounted above a door way “looking” down. In this case the door can be left open and the alarm is raised if the occupant crosses the threshold.

Bed and Chair Occupancy Detection

A bed/chair occupancy mat that detects the weight of the person lying in bed or sitting in a chair and raises an alarm to the pager through a failsafe radio link, either immediately on vacation, or after a prolonged period. A unique feature is that if reset whilst the user is out of bed, or a chair it will stop detecting alarms until the user returns later.

The small detector unit can detect bed or chair vacation by a number of sensors, Alert-it can offer a number of sensors that have advantages in different situations as presented in our leaflet. The most popular one is the simple bed pressure mat which is easy to apply and sits over the mattress where is can readily sense the weight being removed from the bed. A smaller mat is available for use in chairs.

Our bed ribbon sits under the mattress, which gives greater comfort and protection. Some adjustment for different mattresses and beds may be needed. It is not suitable for profiling beds. A short ribbon is available for use in chairs.

The bed leg weight sensor is excellent on domestic and light duty beds and is totally discreet.

The small detector unit has a call button so that can be used as a basic Nurse Call as well.

Bed Occupancy Detection by Bed Weight

The Bed Leg Weight sensor can be connected directly to a Nurse Call system using one of our extension leads with the correct connector. It is compatible with normally open or closed contact systems.

Alternatively they are connected to our battery operated radio small detector unit to make a wire free system that will pass the alarm to our pager with complete reliability. Being hidden at the bed leg with nothing in the bed it is totally discreet and robust.

Floor Mats for Bed Vacation Detection

Our floor mats are robust low-slip mats that do not need over mats for protection or safety. They can be connected directly to a Nurse Call system using one of our extension leads.

Alternatively the mats can be connected to our battery operated radio small detector unit to make a wire free system that will pass the alarm to our pager with complete reliability. The detector unit also has a call button that the user can use as a basic Nurse Call system.

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