The Companion Mini from Alert-iT

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new epilepsy support monitor, the Companion Mini. For months the team at Alert-iT have been working hard to design and manufacture this digital support monitor and we are thrilled to finally share it with you. ????????????????

Part of our Ep-iT range of epilepsy support monitors, the Companion Mini possess high performance sensors enabling the detection of associated seizure movements to inform an individual or carer via the pager. Read on for more information about the first digital monitor of its kind:

The Companion Mini

The first of its kind the Companion Mini is a fully digital design encompassing high performance sensors. Thanks to this foremost feature the user is free from the tangles of traditional wires and consequently enables you to transport the monitor with ease when the occasion may arise.

Listening to the feedback from both existing and potential customers it was apparent that the size of our current epilepsy support monitors were larger than desired. Therefore, our team decided to downsize and create a monitor which encompasses all the design features, plus many more, of our original products. Despite its significantly smaller size, the device can be applied in some of the most challenging situations providing solid support and peace of mind for just ?220 RRP.

In fact, it?s so small it can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is therefore the only device suited to users who are averse to any obvious monitoring technology.

Among these two notable design features the Companion Mini also offers:

  • Long Lasting Battery ? As the first battery powered monitor on the market, the Companion Mini boasts a life of at least 1 year. This again contributes to a lack of wires and the hassles that they entail.
  • Casing ? The team have created a biomaster coated plastic case which is both highly robust and tamper proof.
  • Pager ? The plesio pager has been designed to last up to 3 days without the need to charge but can still be in use when charging.
  • USB ? A USB stick and cable are also supplied with the Companion Mini enabling you to link the monitor to your PC, adjust sensitivity settings, and make use of our tutorial video guide when setting up your new monitor.
  • Fail safe radio with a 450 metre range
  • 3 year warranty

How Does it Work?

Suitable for the support of individuals with epilepsy, the Companion Mini has been designed to provide peace of mind and discretely monitor seizure types such as tonic-clonic, partial, and generalised.

Easy to install, our new monitor is placed under the mattress where it constantly monitors your movements. Ideally placed directly beneath the user, the Companion Mini monitors activity until movements associated with seizures are recognised. Verified and ongoing seizures will then result in the transmission of alerts to a hand held pager.

Are You Interested?

Whether you?re an individual who has epilepsy, a parent, guardian, or carer, choosing assistive technology that is right for you can be a difficult and overwhelming decision. Our team promise to provide personal advice on the most suitable product for your specific needs as well as the most cost effective option.

So why not start by giving our knowledgeable team a call on 0845 217 9952 or 01530 231215 for further advice and information regarding the Companion Mini and other assistive technologies? You can also find a wealth of information for all monitors in our Ep-iT range in our current?brochure.