Support Equipment for Plesio Care

The Alert-it failsafe pager system is the notification method of choice for care homes and domestic situations where the carer is local to the user. For those living alone the Alert-it range includes telephone linked options to pass the alarm to a local carer via a low-cost, autodialler or to a call-centre, including those operated by local authorities. We can also incorporate security and fire safety monitoring into such systems. Alert-it can also be linked to any legacy Nurse Call system.


Alert-iT Long-Range and Failsafe Pager

The mainstay of the Alert-it range is the pager, designed to notify alarms to a resident carer. The pager is capable of receiving the failsafe SAFELINK radio protocol over a range of up to 450m outdoors. It is specifically designed as a simple care pager and hosts a range of unique features tailored to this care role.

There are three versions of the pager. A three channel version is supplied with all systems aimed at the domestic market. For the smaller care homes an 8 channel version provides a cost effective platform. A 64 channel version is available to support the larger care homes. All versions offer the same capability to notify 4 levels of alarm (Urgent, Help, Assist or Fault) as well as detect failure in the communication channel with a monitor, hence ensuring no major equipment failure can leave the user unprotected. It can give audible alerts or be used in silent or vibrate modes.

They are fitted with rechargeable batteries giving over 100 hours operation after full charge.

For the larger care homes a repeater can be used to boost the signal and increase the range indefinitely.

Local Autodialer

The Autodialler can be triggered by any Alert-it system, including radio linked units, to pass a voice message to a local carer.

Once triggered the unit first plays a loud tune for 30 seconds, which is intended to be heard anywhere in the house or garden so that false alarms may be cancelled. The unit then dials up to 8 numbers in turn delivering a voice message and waits a short while for a response. The system needs a positive key-press response and does not give up if a call is simply answered, e.g. by an answerphone.

While dialling a different tune is played and only stops when the response is received from a carer. Thus the user has the reassurance that the technology has responded and that assistance is coming.

Two levels of alarm are possible, one for an urgent user concern and another to indicate that an equipment fault has occurred (e.g. battery low).

The dialler can also be used to call mobile phones, which can be an alternative to using pagers. However it must be remembered that the failsafe delivery of a timely alarm message cannot be guaranteed with a mobile phone.

Nurse Call Connectivity

As well as passing the alarm information by radio, all the Alert-it monitors can be connected to legacy Nurse Call systems and activate the established notification system.

Most of the monitors feature a relay output that can offer normally open, normally closed or changeover activation of a Nurse Call. A range of connecting leads is available for the major Nurse Call systems and specials are always considered.

If the monitor requires radio connection (e.g. Falls Badge or the Door Switch), then a radio gateway is available (Alarm Receiver unit to Nurse Call) which is coupled to the monitor and will trigger a nurse call point within radio range.

Alternatively the pager can be connected to a nurse call system via a Docking Station. This then allows staff to note the room or user in need from the display, when the alarm is raised via a single Nurse Call point.

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