Watch Sinead’s story here:

These are the products that helped Sinead:

The Companion Mini Solution

The Companion Mini, currently the smallest monitor of its kind on the market. The digital movement sensor is our most discrete system yet and can be applied in some of the most challenging situations when supporting tonic-clonic seizures. Very simple to install and operate.

The Companion Solution

The Companion Monitor is an effective solution for supporting tonic/clonic seizures as well as a variety of other situations resulting in movement, sound, vomiting or incontinence.

  • Full Aftercare Support - Easy self installation along with telephone support

  • Night Time Seizure Support Covering Tonic, Tonic/Clonic, SUDEP, Complex, Partial

  • Fail safe radio with a 450 metre range

  • 3 year warranty

I am now able to sleep properly without getting up to check out every little noise and Sinead?s sleep routine has also improved as she can rest assured that I will be with her if she needs me.?Parent, Nottinghamshire.


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