Dementia, Alzheimer’s and ADHD Support

A range of monitor to help create a secure, safe environment without infringing personal liberty.


    All in a discreet way



  • Simple and easy to install.

  • Available with an advanced failsafe long range radio pager.

    Alternatively can connect with an existing nursecall system or Telecare platforms.

About The Secure-it Range:

The flexibility of our discrete monitoring range coupled to the fast & secure radio pager allows carers to protect vulnerable clients while maintaining their dignity and relative independence.


Door Activity Monitors

The Alert-it door activity sensor offers many unique features that enhance its use in a care home as well as domestic situations. Not only will it notify of the door being opened, but it can be temporarily disarmed while the carer is at the door with automatic re-arming when the door is closed. The unit can be disabled with a secure key.


The switch uses a high-strength rare-earth magnet mounted opposite the detector to sense the door being opened. This makes installation especially easy as the gap between the door and the door frame is not critical. Self-adhesive pads will be sufficient in most circumstances, reducing and damage to the d?cor.

The alarm can be set to reset once the door closes, allowing staff to judge their response. For emergency doors the alarm can be latched, ensuring staff go to the door to reset the unit.

Once the door is open the alarm can be temporarily reset to allow staff to, for instance, talk to a visitor or leave a door open during the daytime. It also allows staff to exit the building, but leaving the alarm primed to protect the resident once the door is closed again.

A simple jack key can be used to turn off the unit, or an optional keyswitch can be fitted.

Motion Detector To Detect Movement

A discreet detection unit with an infra red motion detector remote from the bed. The alarm is raised as soon as the user’s foot descends to the floor. The same sensor can be positioned to detect them sitting up, leaving a room, or entering a hazardous area. It can also detect door usage, where a door may be left open. It replaces door and floor mats which can be a trip hazard.


The battery operated motion sensor has a perfect detection beam for sensing the legs of someone leaving their bed without triggering if they simply sit up in bed. By being positioned across the room there is no bedside mat to be avoided or tripped over and nothing to destroy. The alarm is also raised before any weight is placed on the feet. Positioned a bit higher it can detect someone sitting up in readiness to leave their bed.

Another popular use is mounted above a door way “looking” down. In this case the door can be left open and the alarm is raised if the occupant crosses the threshold.

Fall Badge with wandering capabilities.

The monitor is capable of being tuned to an Alert-it Pager to detect if the wearer has moved out of a building or garden area. It has the additional capability of giving an alarm if the wearer collapse or press the panic call button.

While the monitor does not have the precision of a GPS unit, it has proved effective at warning if a wearer is moving beyond a safe area, and unlike GPS it can function indoors as well as outside. It is also smaller and lower-cost to both purchase and run.

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