Some of our success stories..

Catherine Northey

Our daughter Sinead had been experiencing fairly regular epileptic seizures as a result of an acute brain injury she suffered at 6 weeks old (in addition to other disabilities that resulted from her injury). Despite taking medication, she continued to have seizures without warning through both day and night, which increasingly occurred at night time as she grew older. In my attempts to be there when my daughter needed me, I tried a baby monitor with a camera, but as her seizures weren’t accompanied by noises, the monitor did not wake us up as we hoped. We searched unsuccessfully for a long time for a  gadget that could help us to keep Sinead safe so it was a massive relief to finally discover that the Companion was out there and could potentially help us!

Mary at Alert-iT was very helpful and explained how many families receive their equipment through their local councils and gave me the details of the Assistive Technology Team at Nottinghamshire County Council. The Council arranged for us to receive a Companion Monitor and a whole host of other Assistive Technologies that have allowed Sinead to become more independent, simplified our lives and gave us peace of mind.

Over the last few months, we have watched Sinead grow in confidence as she puts the new technology to use, but for us it is the Companion that has had the biggest impact on our lives. I am now able to sleep properly without getting up to check out every little noise and Sinead s sleep routine has also improved as she can rest assured that I will be with her if she?needs me. An added benefit of the Companion is that I can be with Sinead as soon as her seizure starts allowing me to time it accurately and monitor her symptoms – information I can pass on to the paramedics to help identify the seizure type, which I previously wasn’t able to do.

We know have the Companion Mini which we use when we go on holiday or when Sinead stays with a friend overnight.

Sinead is now 18 and will start college in September. When I think back to the original prognosis we were given, I am amazed at her progress and how much she has achieved through her determination to do the things that other young people do. We are still discovering new technology that can take Sinead’s independence further and although?these assistive technologies have taken many years to cross our paths, I am blown away by their potential and the difference they have made to our lives. I hope other parents and carers will find the right assistive technology for the people they care for I only wished we had discovered them years ago!

Thank you Nottinghamshire County Council’s Assistive Technology team and Alert-iT for improving the quality of our lives.


Sense is a national charity supporting and campaigning for deafblind people.

I have found Alert-iT to be an excellent company to work with on many levels; all employee’s that I have come in to contact with (both office and field based) are friendly and helpful and when working with them on site I have found them to be attentive, flexible and respectful to both our staff and those that we support. They offer a high level of customer service and I always feel well supported when using their products, hence the reason we continue to use them.

Donna Corrigan, Technology Co-ordinator

Bethel & Bethesda

Bethel & Bethesda is a care home in Earl Shilton, Leicestershire

Our new blind resident at Bethel & Bethesda on admission was risk assessed as having a high risk of falls because although frail she always attempted to get up out of her chair unaided despite staff reminders to ring the call bell for support. She initially had a fall which required hospitalisation. We installed a chair occupancy ribbon under her arm chair cushion. Staff are alerted by an alarm ringing on their pager if she attempts to get up independently. Staff and her relatives have been delighted with the assistive technology as there have been no falls in the months since installation. The proprietor has subsequently introduced different items for existing service users so that assistive technology has become an integral part of the falls management program. We cannot recommend it highly enough!!

Jane Aldridge, Manager at Bethel & Bethesda

Leonard Cheshire Homes

Deborah Rich of Leonard Cheshire Homes wrote concerning our S1027 Bed Movement Monitor

Thank you so much for your very efficient service which started on a Saturday when I placed the order. I was so surprised to find someone available at 4pm. This was so helpful as it enabled me to put things in progress before leaving for holiday.

Although we found out that the signal was not very effective around the building you were able to dispatch a different type of monitor and discussed the intricacies with our maintenance department to see how we could link it into our on-call system. This suits us much better. The staff have found the effectiveness of the monitor very reassuring.

Your quick response throughout have been most helpful and I shall recommend your service in the future.

Independence Homes

Independence Homes specializes in the care and support of adults with epilepsy. 24 hour waking support is provided within flats and houses to 100 different people. Our ability to accurately detect seizure activity in our service users, and respond promptly to it, has been improved still further by the use of the enhanced bedside monitors for each person and by the fall badge during the day. iTs designs have worked with us to produce bespoke products that means our service users feel safe.

Medical Director, Independence Homes

Stallcombe House

I was particularly impressed with the radio pager capability of the systems we purchased. Our facility is particularly challenging in layout and competitor products failed to reach any reasonable distance, even with repeaters. The Alert iT system not only covered the distances, but exceeded expectations in reaching the management office in the grounds.

Most importantly I have also been most impressed by the follow up service provided by the Alert iT team, always just a phone call away and able to provide immediate assistance to answer any queries. I personally found Alert iT ….second to none!

Tom Roncarelli

Hereward College

Hereward College is a general college of further education with specialist residential support for students with disabilities.

Opened in 1971, the college is located in Coventry, in the centre of the UK. Hereward College uses a number of epilepsy monitors as well as some fully integrated night monitors to provide students with privacy as well as protection.

According to Paul Doyle,

We have been really pleased, not just with the technical performance, but also with the support service.

For further information about Hereward College go to

Martin Care

Martin wrote to us concerning his experiences with us

My mother, Beryl Care, passed away a couple of weeks ago having fought for 18 months with Motor Neurone Disease.

I felt I needed to drop you a line to offer my thanks to you and your team, not only for the products that we bought from you, but for the help you gave in selecting and trialling solutions. It was great to meet you and discuss options available to us during Mum’s illness.

Both we as a family and the medical teams have found MND a difficult condition to support as symptoms have changed progressively and sometimes unpredictably. One of Mum’s greatest fears as she lost both mobility the ability to communicate was that she would not be able to raise the alarm if she needed to. The provision of a P138 / P135 pager and alarm badge combination worked really well and gave both my parents confidence, personal privacy, and a degree of independence that they would not otherwise have had. It’s simplicity of operation meant that it was in use in various ways until just a few weeks before her death.

Earlier this year Mum was admitted to a high dependency care home, and working with them we tried to find options to supplement the standard nurse call system which was becoming increasingly difficult for Mum to use. You were very helpful in allowing us to try the bedside monitoring equipment and a breathing sensor. In the event, because of her physical position in bed to assist her breathing, and because the sensor pad was at risk of causing pressure points and possible skin breakdown, we were unable to continue with this option. 24 hour observation was instituted as an alternative at this point as no other monitoring systems were found to be suitable.

We have been on a journey of learning throughout the period of Mum’s illness, into areas way outside anything we have experienced before. We have met many dedicated people doing amazing and innovative work to make the lives of chronically ill, elderly and disabled people as good as they can be. The best providers offered not only equipment or services for the patient, but valuable support and advice for those acting as carers. For your role in this we offer you our sincere thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Care

Debbie Brasted

Debbie Brasted wrote, concerning our out-of-hours support

Barnardos in Nuneaton ordered an epilepsy alarm from you at the beginning of May. My foster carer could not meet you on the only weekday left before the child was coming so you very kindly went to her on the Sunday of a bank holiday weekend. Just wanted to say thank you so much for that. It was kind of you to do so and enabled a parent to take a much needed holiday.

Mr and Mrs Wood

Mr and Mrs Wood of Nuneaton wrote, concerning our P154 urination & vomit detection unit

We found this bed alarm after our son suffered a long seizure in his sleep and nearly choked, luckily we found him in time to prevent this but our minds where sent wild with what ifs, so after some research we found alert-it. Our first thought was can we justify spending the money on such an item, the answer was yes when we thought back to what had happened. We have found the bed alarm to work really well for us and our epileptic son. although we haven’t had a large seizure we have had some small ones resulting in him dribbling/wetting the bed the alarm has alerted us on all of these occasions.

We have full faith in this alarm and feel a lot more relaxed about the what if situation, the alarm is simple easy to use and the alarm wakes you up with ease. We had a great experience in buying this alarm as David explained everything and understood our needs, he even made a modification for us so we had a pillow and bed wetting sheet cable which also has worked really well. We would recommend this product to anyone requiring a bed alarm as it puts your mind totally at rest.

Mrs Allen

Mrs Allen was very pleased at the way we were able to quickly repair an old complex monitoring system that had been damaged while used in respite.

Tim wrote his own thank you of which we are very proud.

Helen Holford, Baldock, Herts

I just wanted to put in writing how the Guardian bed monitor has improved our lives. I very much appreciated the time you spent helping us get used to it and ironing out initial (self inflicted!) problems. Since then, it has given us so much peace of mind and freedom to carry on without worrying until it activates. We no longer have to sleep in our daughter’s bedroom if she has an evening seizure and it almost certainly was the reason we were allowed home from A&E the other week, following a bad day of seizures.

It is such a relief to have it and i’m very  grateful to you for your advice and help.

Helen was a customer of our reseller Epilepsy Solution, Lisa Cox.