In the ever evolving digital age people are constantly on the look out for the most cutting edge technology, that offers the best usability along with reliability, cost effectiveness and sleek design. PulseGuard offers this all.

Over the past few years E-Health products and wearable technology have been flooding the market. From Apple health, Samsung health and FitBit, to remote monitoring for GP’s and hospitals for patients in the community suffering from long term health issues to try and help reduce hospital admissions.

So where does PulseGuard fit into the market?

For years when it came to seizure monitoring, Local Authorities and CCG’s had a “one box fits all” approach. If you have epilepsy then a movement monitor was the only monitor for you, regardless of your seizure type and presentation.

However, over the past two years the walls have slowly been breaking down with the merging of health and social budgets allowing for a broader range of products and services to be introduced and tailored packages to meet the individuals needs rather than providing a product that may be obsolete to the user and doesn’t pick up on their signs and symptoms.

PulseGuard is unique to the epilepsy market as it focuses on changes to the heart rate with seizure activity rather than physiological signs and symptoms. 

Studies have shown that over 90% of people will have a sudden change to their heart rate just prior to or at the onset of a seizure regardless of the seizure type, making previously undetectable seizures such as tonic (silent) seizures detectable, as well as being able to alert to a sudden drop in the heart rate such as at the onset of respiratory or cardiac difficulty.

Sadly 1000 people die in the UK every year because of their epilepsy but as many as 400 of these deaths may be preventable. 

Deaths in people with epilepsy have increased by 70% over the past few years and on average people with epilepsy will die eight years earlier than the rest of the population. (According to figures from Public health PHE published in February 2018)

The data recording functionality from PulseGuard allows for remote patient monitoring in-between the standard check up’s with epilepsy nurses and consultants.


This allows for a better understanding of an individual’s epilepsy and how to improve the management of their condition.

This could amount to additional care packages being put in place for safeguarding. Specialist aides installed around the house, and better drug management to reduce seizure activity.

It allows for individuals and their care givers to know how to best manage their epilepsy and properly track their seizure activity, as well as helping alert to preventable deaths caused by choking, suffocation, respiratory arrest and injury caused from seizures.

And as PulseGuard’s sensor is waterproof it can also safeguard against drowning in baths or showers by alerting care givers just prior to, or at the start of a seizure or cardiac event allowing for patients to have more independence and dignity feeling safe in the knowledge that a care giver can be with them as soon as a seizure starts.

As well as PulseGuard being unique to the market for its monitoring capabilities, you are also buying into the support network provided by Alert-It PulseGuard.

We are constantly striving to provide not only the most cutting edge technology but the knowledge and tools to help safeguard individuals suffering with epilepsy and give their care givers peace of mind.

Safeguarding against SUDEP

With the NHS struggling and Ambulance demand growing, we are working alongside St John’s Ambulance. We are pleased to offer all of our customers the chance to take part in a CPR training course, local to you for £25, learning the vital skills and knowledge needed in an emergency in the crucial minutes before an Ambulance arrives. The 23rd of October was SUDEP awareness day  we hope to continue to promote awareness about this taboo subject and arm our community with vital facts and knowledge.

** All training will be provided by St Johns Ambulance, Alert-iT are acting as an introductory service only.£25.00 cost will be payable to St John Ambulance