Pock-iT is the first exciting epilepsy project to be released from the new partnership between Alert-iT and PulseGuard.

PulseGuard is an established product which is helping safeguard over 700 people globally with its pioneering heart rate technology for epilepsy seizure detection and heart rate monitoring.

Pock-iT is in effect PulseGuard’s little brother, sharing many of the same much-loved features as PulseGuard but in a more compact form.

The Epilepsy Society have been PulseGuard’s product test bed for over a year, allowing the product range to be perfected and tailored to meet the specific needs of everyone from the more independent clients to the profoundly disabled and children.

The Epilepsy Society and other care providers using PulseGuard products have found that better seizure detection and monitoring can help lead to better drug and seizure management, improving the user’s quality of life and allowing peace of mind to the family or caregiver.

Pock-iT’s design is suitable for all age groups and abilities. The sensor strap is available in two sizes and a range of colours, whilst the sensor itself is small lightweight, waterproof, and hypoallergenic and can be worn either on the wrist, ankle or upper leg. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the simple stylish touchscreen interface on the bespoke Pock-iT iPod which has easy to setup controls.

Pock-iT has a handy tool located in the top right-hand corner of the screen which will tell you what the users heart rate has gone up or down to every time they wear it, this allows for anyone to work out the users averaging heart rate and safely determine the accurate levels to set, so as to not trigger false alarms but to detect seizure activity and also any drop to the heart rate such as in the event of a respiratory or cardiac arrest which can lead to the onset of SUDEP.

The heart rate is set completely uniquely for each individual user, using a simple sliding scale for the upper and lower heart rate and once these levels are set, they are stored for each and every use. Pock-iT continuously references the user’s heart rate for the entire time the sensor is connected to the software and should the reading breach the upper or lower levels your caregiver is alerted immediately via Alert-iT’s failsafe pager.

Pock-iT is designed to alert to a range of seizure types (providing the user has a change to the heart rate) from silent tonic or absence seizures that may not trigger traditional monitors. To atonic (drop seizures) where research has shown that a sudden drop in the heart rate can occur up to 10 seconds prior to a seizure, potentially allowing for an early warning to the user or caregiver allowing time to make themselves safe and prevent injury.

As the Pock-iT sensor is waterproof it is also helping promote better independence allowing the user to shower or bath independently in some cases for the first time, knowing that should they suffer a seizure their caregiver can be waiting close by and alerted immediately by the Alert-iT fail safe pager.

Although Pock-iT was originally developed for seizure detection, it is also being used for clients that suffer from dysphagia, apnoea episodes, diabetes management, POTS, and other medical conditions that cause a sudden change to the heart rate making it the most versatile and affordable safeguarding piece of equipment for thousands of households worldwide.