This week we are celebrating 25 years since we launched our first version of our Companion product and the start of our journey of product innovation through to our full range of alarms and monitoring solutions that we have today. We are also celebrating the life of our founder David Godfrey who sadly passed away at this time last year.

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The Best SUDEP Awareness Advice?

Bring it out of the shadows.

As part of SUDEP Awareness Day on 23rd October our team is on a mission to raise as much SUDEP Awareness and supporting those living with epilepsy. We?ve dedicated this month?s blog and social media content to raising SUDEP Awareness and encourage as much online conversation about it as possible.?So please SHARE this onwards to help educate the world with us!

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“Our daughter Sinead had been experiencing fairly regular epileptic seizures as a result of an acquired brain injury she suffered at 6 weeks old (in addition to other disabilities that resulted from her injury). Despite taking medication, she continued to have seizures without warning through both day and night, which increasingly occurred at night time as she grew older. In my attempts to be there when my daughter needed me, I tried a baby monitor with a camera, but as her seizures weren?t accompanied by noises, the monitor did not wake us up as we?d hoped. We searched unsuccessfully for a long time for a ?gadget? that could help us to keep Sinead safe so it was a massive relief to finally discover that the Companion was out there and could potentially help us!”

Drawing of brainwaves during Epilepsy Unfortunately Epilepsy, like many other medical conditions, is not widely understood; affecting more than 65 million people worldwide. It is therefore crucial to not only raise awareness of the condition itself, but to dispel any associated myths.

Here at Alert-iT we often hear or are presented with a number of questions that, to us at least, should be more widely understood. From questioning whether Epilepsy is contagious to speculating whether individuals with the condition can lead normal, day to day lives.

However, there are some myths and preconceptions which often need a little more explanation. The question surrounding whether Epilepsy is hereditary is more complex than a simple yes or no answer where research is ongoing. Therefore we thought we?d provide you with a brief overview in our latest blog. Find out more below:

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Woman undergoing acupuncture - needles placed in a line on her back Herbal and traditional medicines have become increasingly popular as they are used by individuals across the world to treat a variety of ailments. From dietary pills to herbal supplements it is clear that unconventional methods to improve health and overall wellbeing are ?being sought.

And it is often the case that such herbal remedies prove to actually relieve varying medical symptoms.

In the UK t is thought that just 70% of individuals who have Epilepsy see positive improvement with their prescribed Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AEDs). Therefore many seek Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM) in a bid to control their seizures and other related symptoms. As a result we have decided to take a look at the rise in discussion regarding acupuncture and Epilepsy below:

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Four plastic dolls holding hands with tthe word Autismn underneathWhether on the television or radio, in the last week news segments have highlighted a recent report that has found individuals with autism are sadly dying earlier than the general population. Whilst a number of factors could be at play, the latest findings suggest this is in large due to Epilepsy and suicide.

What Is Autism?

In brief autism is a development disability that will affect how a person communicates with and relates to other people, as well as the world around them. In fact, this condition affects approximately 700,000 people in the United Kingdom.

As a spectrum condition, all autistic people will share certain difficulties, but will be impacted in different ways with symptoms that range from mild to severe. In general there are three main areas of difficulty which all people with autism share: difficulty with social communication; with social interaction; and with social imagination. Some individuals may also have accompanying learning disabilities, and may experience over ? or under ? sensitivity to sounds, touch, taste, smells, light or colours.

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Notepad with Vitamin D sunshine and notesWith continuous exploration and a handful of studies and research running at any one time, we often come across new findings within the Epilepsy community.

And this month there have been more conclusions between the correlation of vitamin D and epilepsy; particularly amongst children.

Individuals with epilepsy more often than not turn to medications in an attempt to reduce their seizures. Whilst 70% of those who do so experience positive changes with the right treatment, others may face side effects such as vitamin deficiency. Read here for more information:

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Staff from Alert-iT and Fable at Sheffield United footbal ground. Players drawing competition winnersIt has been a pretty fast paced start to the year here at Alert-iT and it?s hard to believe that it is already February.

But despite the days running by you may remember that throughout December we ran yet another Epilepsy Awareness Campaign which aimed to inform you, whether you have epilepsy or care for someone who does, of the increased risks the season can bring.

Our useful?Christmas How-To Guide provided you with an introduction to the potential risks associated with Christmas followed by achievable solutions and actionable tips. Digging out a host of blog posts from our 2014 campaign, the team compiled even more informative pieces of information such as our guide to seizure first aid.

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Stack of pancakes with berries and syrupWith Shrove Tuesday just around the corner pancakes should traditionally be on the menu. Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert they are a sweet or savoury treat enjoyed by many. Opt for thick and fluffy American style or French Crepes and finish with a topping of whatever your desire.

However, for those who are currently on the Ketogenic Diet, either child or adult, such foods may prove a slight issues in terms of suitable ingredients. But worry no more as we highlight exactly what is suitable and provide some recipe suggestions in our latest blog:

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Developments in Behavioural Therapy It has emerged that the latest research undertaken at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School could change the way we develop epilepsy treatments.

Individuals with epilepsy often used medications in an attempt to reduce their seizures or in fact, stop them entirely. Whilst 70% of people with epilepsy in the UK experience positive changes with the right treatment, the remaining thirty per cent of individuals find that medications cannot control their epilepsy.

Therefore many individuals turn to alternative treatments such as specific diets or more evasive solutions such as vagus nerve stimulation or brain surgery. However, as initially mentioned new developments could change the way seizures are controlled. Read here for more information:

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