Over the past few weeks we have been running a Christmas awareness campaign to highlight the increased risk of a seizure at this time of year for those who have epilepsy.Santa Claus with Gift Box

The purpose of the campaign, which has included a series of blog posts and a well received?How-To Guide has been to highlight the additional risks at this time of year but more importantly give people a greater insight into what they can do to help if a loved one or someone they meet suffers a seizure.

Our lend a H.A.N.D message has gone down a storm and we will be continuing to promote this throughout next year.

But the festive cheer doesn?t stop there??.

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With just over a week to go, Christmas preparations are in full swing right across the country. However, as our latest blog posts have shown, the seasonal cheer can bring with it a number of additional risks for people with epilepsy.

Whilst we celebrate with family and friends throughout December the added pressures of gift buying and entertaining guests, as well as excitement, lack of sleep and increased consumption of alcohol can contribute and play a factor in additional seizures.

So as part of a general awareness campaign on the additional risks of epileptic seizures at this time of year we have created a Christmas How-To Guide, in conjunction with some of our epilepsy partners and using information from Epilepsy Research UK.

Featured within this guide are a number of ways that modern assistive technology products can help both carers and those with epilepsy.

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As highlighted in our earlier post, this Christmas your friends, family and others around you are at risk of either a first or more frequent epileptic seizures due to everything that December brings; flashing lights, stress, excitement, and over doing the food & alcohol.

Look out for the signs & symptoms of epileptic seizuresSo rather than being faced with a situation where you feel lost and unable to help, we have created a Christmas How-To Guide?for understanding epilepsy including everything from reducing the risk of seizures through to what you should do if someone you are with has a seizure.

Did you know that there are more than 40 types of seizure?

With more than 40 types of epileptic seizure it is important to recognise the varying signs and symptoms; whilst we understand you can?t necessarily know all 40 just a few basic tips for identification can help greatly. Some seizures such as convulsions are much more obvious than others, but this doesn?t mean that the seizure is any less serious.

If you know someone with epilepsy make sure you find out as much as you can; what type of seizures they suffer; how long they generally last and what are their triggers for example (you can find a more detailed list of other key questions to ask in our How-To Guide).

However we appreciate you can?t always find out this information, especially when faced with assisting a stranger.

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Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together, celebrate and enjoy all that this seasonal cheer brings. However for some, both the excitement and stress of all that the festive season brings can have far worse consequences than feeling worse for wear the day after a few too many the night before.

A Guide To Epilepsy at ChristmasWhether someone has their first ever episode or more frequent recurrences of seizures, Christmas for people with epilepsy isn?t always quite so care free.

Therefore we?d like to introduce you to our Christmas How-To Guide?produced in conjunction with some of our Epilepsy partners and aimed at those with epilepsy, those who know people who have epilepsy and for anyone else keen to understand more about the condition and what they could do to help someone one day.

Coping with the Excitement and Stress of Christmas

A range of trigger factors may happen throughout December, so this week the team here at Alert-it with information provided by Epilepsy Research UK would like to highlight potential risks at Christmas and what you can do to help avoid further possibility of seizures.

Christmas can be a hectic time for everyone, particularly trying to find the time to visit family members, gift shopping along with thousands of other people, let alone preparing Christmas lunch.

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Following the recent release of a report on behalf of the NHS and Scottish Government about?Epilepsy Alarms we take a look at the report?highlights and respond to some of the findings.?The report includes a few concerns for those 45% that currently own an alarm and details of those that do not.

Report prepared by Reme Diaz Scottish Government, Health Analytical Services (Spring 2014)

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Welcome to our new blog, where we will endeavour to deliver the best advice and news on current health topics.

We aim to show how Assistive Technology can help anyone in any situation. All of our monitors can be made specifically to suit your needs.

This blog will be a social platform where anyone can suggest posts and topic that are of particular interest.

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