With just over a week to go, Christmas preparations are in full swing right across the country. However, as our latest blog posts have shown, the seasonal cheer can bring with it a number of additional risks for people with epilepsy.

Whilst we celebrate with family and friends throughout December the added pressures of gift buying and entertaining guests, as well as excitement, lack of sleep and increased consumption of alcohol can contribute and play a factor in additional seizures.

So as part of a general awareness campaign on the additional risks of epileptic seizures at this time of year we have created a Christmas How-To Guide, in conjunction with some of our epilepsy partners and using information from Epilepsy Research UK.

Featured within this guide are a number of ways that modern assistive technology products can help both carers and those with epilepsy.

Peace of Mind

Assistive technology is the perfect solution for monitoring risks and activities for those with epilepsy, as well as elderly people who wish to manage their independence for longer. Both reliable and robust, using technology such as monitors and alarms can provide peace of mind that carers can be notified of dangers in a safe and timely manner.

Get Help Assessing your Needs and Selecting the Right Product for You

If you know what you are looking for then the web is a perfect option for buying technology online. However, this isn?t always the case.

There?s an overwhelming variety of monitors, alarms and other assistive technology available on the market which can result in a particularly stressful search, especially when you don?t really know what you are looking for. You begin questioning your decisions as to whether the product will really work or if it is something you can truly rely on for your specific needs and requirements.

Rather than the added stress and worry, let alone unnecessary cost, of purchasing an all-encompassing product, look out for a company that doesn?t just sell you a product but offers a personal advice based service too.

They can provide you with advice on the most suitable product for your specific needs as well as the most cost effective option.

In addition to ourselves, the companies below not only offer advice and installation assistance but, servicing, repairs and after sales support giving you peace of mind and assistance far beyond just the sale of a product.

Why not check out the company local to you and see how they can help?






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For further help and support on assisted technology products or specific information about our Christmas Epilepsy campaign contact the team on 0845 217 9952.