As you may be aware AmbienteCare Ltd are no longer operating in the assistive tech sector.

Ambiente were a partner of Alert-iT for 4 years and their customers benefitted from being able to purchase our solutions. This obviously leaves a number of users with our products no longer with a first point of contact for support queries and advice.

Alert-iT value each and every user of our products so we would like to re-assure you that we are on hand to provide any warranty or sales support that you might require. Below you will find a short couple of forms, the first is a form allowing you to request a consultation with one of our team who can give professional advice on any solution across our ranges. The second form is for you to register your product and personal information with us directly for warranty purposes.

Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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Need Your Solution Checking? 

If you have an Alert-iT product that was purchased via Ambiente Ltd and you’re not sure if it’s currently operating correctly or if you have support for it then feel free to fill out the short form on the left and one of our team will be able to assist you further. Our consultation process is simple and ensures that you have the right product for your requirements.

Featured Products

Here is a selection of products we are a able to supply.


P150C – Our own branded floor mat is manufactured to meet all the required standards, with a thin design it is also robust, low-slip and waterproof, made from an easy clean material to help with infection control.
Alert-iT’s floor mats can also help you reduce risk of wandering.

P150CB – Our carpet styled floor mat is a low-slip, luxury carpet finish mat.


Ideal for support of Tonic/Clonic seizures as well as situations that manifest sounds, vomiting or incontinence. It can also warn of possible danger if the user gets out of bed, or stays out too long. Perfect for domestic or professional use.


The battery-operated motion sensor is a perfect solution that can cover the whole of the room, detecting someone leaving their bed before they become weight baring. The sensor is discreet with no audible alarm, the device is simply placed on the floor against the wall which avoids trip hazards.


If you have questions about your product or service, we are here to help.

Will my warranty be still valid even though I purchased the item through Ambiente?

If you call our support line or register you product on line we would be happy to honour the remaining warranty period. Please note, the warranty period that we can offer is taken from the date Alert-iT originally dispatched the product.

Do Alert-iT offer finance agreements?

Unfortunately we don’t do any finance purchase options.

Can I purchase more Alert-iT products?

Yes Please call our sales team, we would happy to work with you.

Can I get over the phone support with my products?

Once you have registered your products, you are welcome to call.

Can I open an account with Alert-iT?

Yes, you will be requested to fill in an account form first, please call the sales team for more information.