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Discover the brand new Guardian…


NEW Robust Case

The original P139 was designed for bedside table mounting but experience shows that a more robust bed mounted unit that will stand client abuse is preferred.

The Companion case has proved this robustness over many years and is now used for the Guardian

Wall/Bed Bracket Included

The cables have been repositioned to suit wall and bed mounting using the same adjustable metal bracket as the Companion. This will reduce damage and facilitate a neater monitoring solution.

Patented Integrated Bed Vacation monitoring

The traditional connection point for a Bed Mat is still available but the Shallow Movement sensor signal has been processed in a patented manner to indicate the client Bed Occupancy status. This provides a robust, under mattress sensing of Bed Vacation.

Remote Reset

For clients who are disturbed by monitoring equipment the Guardian MK3 can operate in a totally silent mode and automatically reset its alarm when the condition passes, hence requiring no carer to deal with the unit which can be totally hidden. To ensure compliance with any care plan the Guardian is reset by pressing a wall mounted button, which can be mounted in a suitable place to prove due care has been given. (eg in the room or at the door)